Women Heating Jacket™ Heated Body Warmers


Heated Gilet Women's - Rechargeable Waist Coats Designed in  UK 

Want to know the best way to keep warm this winter? Our Heated Vest For Women is the most versatile and innovative Heated Jacket on the market today. With a thin and smooth design and USB cord.

This amazing Heated Jacket is the easiest, most comfortable Heated Body Warmer to keep you warm without the hassle of wearing layers of bulky clothes. Heating vests are great for keeping you warm at home, for traveling, and for working outdoors like gardening, hunting, fishing, and more.

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USB Heated Gilet Women's features three heat levels to choose from, so you can stay warm on the coldest days. New technology produces safe, gentle warmth, unlike the "hot" feeling you get from other garments that use microscopic ceramic particles. It's safer and more comfortable while providing hours of soothing warmth.

To activate the vest simply press the power switch in the right pocket for 3 seconds until you see or feel it begin to warm up. When the power is on, the light on the front of the vest will flash red. To change temperatures, press the power button repeatedly until you get the desired temperature (red to white to blue ) 

The Heating Vest is a versatile piece of clothing that allows to stay comfortable in a range of conditions. It can easily be worn around the office or underneath a jacket on a cold night out. It fits comfortably around the neck and chest area and transfers heat from the mobile USB battery box, which can also recharge your mobile phone or tablet.

Heating Jacket™ Made from high-end heated material that enables quick electric warmth without radiation, the body warmer can also help relieve any muscle pain and promotes blood circulation while keeping your body warm and cosy

The Heated Jacket heats up to 31 degrees in just 1 minute, for instant heat that won't leave you cold. The adjustable straps make it easy to find your perfect fit, giving you the custom warmth you need on those chilly days.

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The heated vest is made of a carbon fiber thermal conduction sheet. It transfers heat efficiently and provides heat dissipation. The heating effect is superior to regular styles. It is also made of fleece on the surface and milk fiber on the back, making it light and comfortable to wear. It not only keeps you warm but is also water-resistant and quick-drying.

The heating plates are made up of 4 layers of isolated carbon material which ensures this vest is SAFE even when used in a washing machine.

How to Use:

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Size Guide: 

Package Included:  

  • 01 x Heating Jacket™ Electric Heating Vest ( Power Bank Not Included )


Stay Safe and Healthy in Winter !

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