Lolap™ Smooth Swing NeoPixel Lightsaber

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FX duel NeoPixel lightsaber with 26 kinds of boot action effects and sound effects pixel models, gesture function and metal aluminum handle.


Lightsaber Neopixel Proffie 2.2 Board Features:


  • Full Customizability: The Neopixel Proffie 2.2 is designed to offer full customizability of your saber. From the colors, lighting, and sound fonts to moving effects and just about everything in between, you can create a board for whatever your individual needs are.
  • 12 Colors: Switchable at the press button, the Luke Lightsaber has 12 different blade colors (Purple, Rose, Yellow, Cyan, Ice Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Red, Pink-Green, Blue, and White).
  • 22 Sound fonts: You can choose from 26 different sound fonts. The saber movie character quotes, clashing, lock-up, deflection, noises, and music.
  • 10 Light Sabers Effects: 15 Mode of lighting effects: Blaster, Pulse, Ghost, Stable, Flash-On-Clash, RGB Rainbow, Spin, photon ignition, stack ignition, warp ignition Broken ignition, phaser ignition...
  • Advanced HD Audio: Very High-Quality speakers.
  • Sound Effects: the Neopixel board offers pre-installed sound effects that go along with blaster deflection, saber lock-up, stab effect, tip melt effect, and background music.
  • LED NeoPixels: A 50-Watt LED Strip of NeoPixels is the perfect addition to any custom project. With an incredibly bright 120-Color palette and addressable controller, you’ll be able to create any number of stunning effects. The built-in 16MHz clock keeps you in sync with your computer or mobile device for precise animations and light effects.


Operation method:


  1. Power on: single press the switch button 1, enter standby mode, single press the switch button once again, power on
  2. Shutdown: long press the switch button 3s shutdown, enter standby mode, 60s after the automatic power off
  3. Light color selection: quickly double-click the key to switch the light color
  4. Sound effect selection ① standby state, double-click to play - pause BGM ② standby state, long press 1s to switch the sound effects of light, the sword blade up to switch the next set, the sword blade down to switch on a set of ③ power on state, press and hold the switch button, rotate back and forth, you can gesture to switch the sound
  5. Mode selection ① power on state, press and hold the button to tap, sword blade up into the sword mode; sword blade down into the mopping mode; towards the sword blade direction to accelerate the burst, issued stab sound effects and light effects 6. sound adjustment power on state, quickly click the switch button 3 times to switch the mute

Package Contents:


  • 1 x Hilt with Kit and Battery
  • 1 x Blade
  • 1 x USB charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

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