Personalized Wood Neon Signs

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Personalized Wood Neon Signs 

  • Custom Wood Neon Signs  with icons Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, Pinterest, Discord or Phone Number
  • An LED neon sign is the perfect home accessory for fashionistas to transform an empty wall or unlit corner with a personalised touch and splash of color.
  • Ideal for a living room, a child’s room, a kitchen, a special event, or a business such as a cafe or a shop. Mount it on any wall in under 30 seconds without using a toolkit.
  • Create a vibe to suit your mood by adding the optional remote control dimmer, with 30 different light intensities from a vibrant glow party mode to a subtle ambient night light.
  • A lightweight, eco-friendly alternative to a traditional glass neon light, made from Wood and LED lights that are child-safe.

How to order?

  1. Select your lamp size : 30x6cm/50x10cm
  2. Select your logo or select ''No Logo '' in case you want the lamp without a logo
  3. During checkout please leave us a note about the username you want (Or simply email us)

Lamp Type:

Indoor Light, LED Light, Wood Lamp, Wall Lamp, Night Light, Ambient Light, Neon Sign


Laser Cutting



Lamp Color:

wood color



Power Supply Mode:

USB Interface


Lamp + Remote Control (Control 15 colors) + Hook

Package Included 

  • 1 x Personalized neon signs 

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