Desktop Mini Split AirConditioner

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HisomeMini Portable Air Conditioner is an all-in-one AC cooler portable that can provide cooling to a single area, is the best portable air conditioner for your room, bedroom and office...


Portable Air Conditioning Fan Air Cooler For Room Mini Air Conditioner With Night Light & Cooling Fan.

split portable air conditioner

This Mini air cooler has three adjustable speed modes provide you with more accurate control, and a quiet fan makes air circulation up to 8 hours on one filling.
Low Noise

split portable air conditioner mini air con unit mini aircon mini air conditioner

A personal air conditioner air cooler is a portable, compact air conditioner that cools, cleans and moisturizes the air around you-wherever you are.
Air cooler is powered by USB, so it is very convenient to use in the workplace. You can connect it to your office computer and enjoy cool on a hot day. The device can work from the network, the length of the cord is 150 cm (the adapter is not included), as well as from the external battery.

split portable air conditioner mini air con unit mini aircon mini air conditioner

The water cooling system of the personal air conditioner air cooler not only cools, but also cleans, and moisturizes the air. Just add water, press the button, relax and enjoy the cooling breeze. The device takes up a minimum of space and consumes little energy. Four Soft pads at the bottom of the freshener fix the device, thus providing a stable position on a smooth surface.

split portable air conditioner mini air con unit mini aircon mini air conditioner


This personal air cooler features 4-in-1 functions for cooling, fan, humidifier, and 7 color night light. Cold wind and natural wind modes are optional, when the tank is short of water, it can automatically switch to natural wind. Adding ice will make the cooling effect even stronger. The air is blown, while the delicate mist is emitted to provide a humidifying effect that will keep your skin hydrated.


An attractive and simple LED display that is easy to use and allows you to visually observe the temperature


The portable air cooler draws in hot air and cools it down quickly through evaporative water cooling technology, creating your personal space with both humidified and cool air. If you add some ice water, it will cool the hot air around you in a few seconds.


Four-in-one design, it is not only a air cooler, but also a table fan, humidifier, LED decorative light. Low, medium, and high wind. You can adjust the wind speed according to your needs, taking you away from the hot summer, enjoying the cool.


It can be automatically switched with a single touch. You can adjust it according to your favorite color and mood of the day.Place it on your desktop or bedside not only a night light, but also a romantic atmosphere.


It does not contain harmful refrigerant, nor does it use a compressor like a conventional power consuming air conditioner. This small air cooler works for you at a rated power of 9W, which is very energy efficient compared to window air conditioners. It cools you down and saves you money on your electricity bill, while protecting your family's health.


Unscrew the water tank cap. Water can be inserted directly from the top of the body.With a large capacity of over 1000ml, it can spray continuously 8 hours in cold air mode. Solid snap design at the top of the water tank, do not worry about water leakage.

split portable air conditioner mini air con unit mini aircon mini air conditioner

AC Type: Air Conditioner
Material: Plastic
Air Conditioner Size: 6.5 x 5.6 x 9.5 inch
Air Conditioner Noise: 30dB
Voltage: 5V
Water Tank Capacity: 700ml
Feature 1: Mini Air Conditioner
Feature 2: Home Air Conditioner
Feature 3: Portable Air Conditioner
Feature 4: Car Air Conditioner, bedroom airconditioner, small air conditioner for room.

Package Includes:

1 x  Mini Air Conditioner

1 x  USB Cable

1 x English User Manual


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