Rabbit wake up alarm clock, Bunny ears light alarm clock

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A little bunny is used as a cute design for a digital light alarm clock. The bunny ears are a function of the alarm and light up to tell whether it's time to wake up or not. The easy-to-read LED display shows the time, temperature, date, and has four modes for you to choose from. It's great for kids and adults who want to get out of bed without having their sleep interrupted by an annoying buzzer sound.

As we could see normal clocks everywhere, sometimes something extraordinary might refresh our sight. For example, an alarm clock of bunny look, which can also serve as a night lamp!
When you have such a lovely alarm clock, there will be no longer any fear for the dark night, or anxiety of being late or missing the important events of your life!


  • Adorable novel alarm clock with bunny ears
  • Timers available, ideal helper for your time arrangement
  • Magnetic design, easy to cling to the metal surface
  • LED display with multiple display modes available


  • Material: Silicone
  • Style: Fashion
  • Features: Bunny shape
  • Color: blue, green, pink

Package Content

  • 1 x Alarm Clock, 1 x USB Wire


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