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Forget the expensive bladeless tower fans. Save your money and get the same quality

Oscillating Small Fan Tower fans aren’t your only option – desktop fans, floor fans and pedestal fans can all be great – but they’re often the most practical. The advantage of their tall, cylindrical shape is that you get a lot of cooling without a massive footprint, and it’s spread out over a larger vertical area. What’s more, our tower fans oscillate, twisting left and right to spread the cooling airflow over a wider space. Cram one in the corner of a room, and you’ll be surprised how much of the space it can cover. And it’ll also do so relatively quietly, and often more efficiently than the equivalent pedestal or floor fan.

Battery Powered Bladeless Desk Fan: Bladeless Tower Fan has an intelligent memory function. When it is turned on, it keeps the last wind force and shakes its head to cool the whole room.dyson fan ukThe Bladeless Tower Fan Cooler design is very safe, even when the baby is nearby there is no risk of being injured by the fan blade.dyson fan

Rechargeable bladeless desk fan: built-in 2000mAh for more portability. Low wind resistance technology, making full use of the battery performance, and long battery endurance:

  • Long Battery Life: Continuous air supply.
  • 6th Gear: Wind speed adjustment.
  • Fast Charging: Lightning fast charge 


1. Safe bladeless fan design prevents hurting hands and is convenient for cleaning.

2. Adjustable 6 wind gears, meet different cooling needs in different places.

3. Built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, fast charging for long battery endurance.

4. Lightweight and portable, after charging  suitable for the dormitory, home, camping, and office.

5. Three high-grade color matching, modern sense of technology, versatile.

6. Only 20db low noise operation, quiet accompany by side without disturbing.

dyson fan uk

Package includes:

  • 1 x Rechargeable Bladeless Battery Powered Fan
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Manual

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