Cat Radiator Bed, Large & Soft Beds for Cats and Small Dogs

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Cat Radiator Bed  Not only cat hammocks its  cat bed can be placed easily to the heat source, An elevated platform with a cat heating pad to have some peace and quiet.

Therapeutic Benefits of Heated Cat Bed.
The resting body temperature for a cat is around 102 degrees, so a cozy, Cat Radiator Bed  will help him to maintain his body temperature. This is especially important in older cats. Whether your feline friend lives indoors or outdoors, he may suffer from arthritis or just the general aches and pains that everyone, human and feline, gets as we grow older.

cat heating pad, warm cat bed, heated cat bed,  heated cat

Why Choose our Cat Radiator Bed for Your Cat (& Small dog)?
There is strong veterinary evidence to suggest that a heated bed can help to improve your pet’s immune system, which can be adversely affected by cold winter weather. For a cat who is unwell or who is convalescing after an illness or operation, providing a cozy bed will ensure that he will be content to stay warm and relaxed and curled up and speed up his recovery.

cat heating pad, warm cat bed, heated cat bed,  heated cat

The benefits are not just limited to one bonus of keeping your pet warm. This bed type offers cheap, reusable, and safe methods to keep many types of cat or dog warm in different environments. Whether it is winter or you live up in Alaska, these heated beds will provide the warmth your cat needs. These beds can be especially useful for cats and small dogs with shorter coats such as the Boston Terrier, Chihuahua, and Dalmatian. These breeds can get especially cold quite quickly, this can lead to illness, joint pain, and other health worries. Ensuring they have access to warmth retaining beds can prevent these such concerns.

cat heating pad, warm cat bed, heated cat bed,  heated cat

Benefits :

  1. Made of soft and comfortable plush with rust-proof steel frame. Thick and warm, good resistance to abrasion, not easy to damage.
  2. You can trust our design to safely support your feline friend. It doesn’t rely on the strength of suction cups or flimsy metal clips to keep your kitty safe.
  3. Foldable solid support (easy to clean up) + detachable cover (machine washable), humanized design can save lazy people.
  4. Cat hammock can fit just about anywhere. The wireframe can fit on cabinet doors, the back of chairs, ledges, open windowpanes, top of doors, radiators, and much more. Hang it wherever your kitty likes to lounge.
  5. Easy to remove and store, simple installation.


  • Long Plush
  • Faux Crystal Cotton
  • PP Cotton Filling
  • Oxford Non-slip Bottom


  • Black
  • White
  • Gray 
  • Beige

 Package Included: 

  • 1 x Cat Radiator Bed 

cat heating pad, warm cat bed, heated cat bed,  heated cat

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Cat Radiator Bed, Beds for Cats and Small Dogs


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