Brush head for UBruch ™ Electric U shaped toothbrush

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Brush head for UBruch ™

ONLY Brush head NOT INCLUDING UBruch ™ Device

UBruch ™  U shaped toothbrush For adult , Kids and toddlers. With Smart 360 Degrees toothbrush your children will be able to brush their teeth alone.

u shaped toothbrush for toddlers



  • Easy to use
  • water resistance
  • sonic vibrations
  • Rechargeable
  • Clean more than 90% of the surfaces of the teeth in only 30 seconds!


  • Eliminates bacteria in 30 seconds!
  • 360-degree ultrasonic effect
  • Safe and pleasant continuous use
  • Uses the BASS brushing technique for deep cleaning
  • Allows to reach all surfaces efficiently
  • Good oral hygiene practice
  • An integrated system to teach your children the right brushing technique.


  • After each brushing, let the toothbrush soak to rid it of bacteria. Clean and air dry.
  • Make sure the brush is completely dry before putting it back in place.

How To Use:


  • 1x Brush head for UBruch ™ Electric U shaped toothbrush
ONLY Brush head NOT INCLUDING UBruch ™ Device

UBruch ™



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