ZOOM Bike Suspension Seatpost

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A suspension seatpost is a great comfort upgrade, as it will both absorb bigger hits, as well as dampen vibrations coming up from the road. This essentially means you’ll feel fresher at the end of a long ride.



The Zoom Suspension Seat Post is easily adjusted to suit you with its flexible design. It is crafted with comfort in mind and uses a really light weight alloy for stability and motility.

Wide Compatibility:  For E-bike, Gravel & MTN. City & Hybrid and read bicycles.

suspension seatpost

Benefits of the Zoom suspension seatpost

  1. A suspension seatpost both absorbs bigger hits as well as damping vibrations coming up from the road. The less strain your body experiences when you ride, the fresher you will feel at the end of the day… or, the longer you can ride!
  2. Suspension seatposts allow you to pedal while seated on terrain that normally requires standing up. Compared to a rigid post on the same bumpy climb, I find that my legs often feel fresher simply because I’m standing up less.
  3. It’s not uncommon to hear people with back injuries say that they couldn’t ride a bike without a suspension seatpost. By isolating vibrations and bigger hits from your body, you will put less strain on your lower back when you ride.
  4. A suspension seatpost allows you to take bikes with narrow tyres on much rougher terrain than you normally could. Obviously, this isn’t an ideal situation, but you’d be surprised how off-road you can go on 38mm tyres!
  5. The comfort of a regular seatpost is dependent on your body weight as well as the amount of exposed seatpost sticking out of your frame. As smaller riders often have less body weight and less exposed seatpost, they have the most gain with a suspension seatpost upgrade.
  6. Rather than using a full-suspension bike (for comfort), you can fit a suspension seatpost to a hardtail and enjoy similar levels of comfort without the extra weight, price and complexity.


  • Made using a lightweight alloy
  • Adjustable preload to be able to fit any bike
  • Dimensions: 27.2  seatpost -28.6 seatpost - 30.0 seatpost - 30.4 seatpost - 30.8 seatpost  - 31.6 seatpost - 33.9 cm  seatpost  (travel size)
    • (27.2 and 31.6 is original tube, 28.6/30.0/30.4 / 30.8 /33.9mm  is used with the conversion)!
  • Micro-adjusting forged head

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