Super Absorbent Dog Training Pads

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Encourages your pups to use these pet pads.
Super-absorbent & Leak-resistant & Anti-odor Puppy Pads: 4-layered potty pads provide excellent absorbency and odor control. The puppy training pad's topmost layer is made from non-toxic polyester fabric to ensure ultimate comfort to your canine companion. The doggy pad's 2nd layer consists of an ultra-absorbent material for the absorption of the liquid. Similarly, the third layer is responsible for neutralizing odor and preventing leakage. And the bottom layer keeps the pad from slipping on the floor.

Machine Washable & Durable Pets at Home Puppy Pads: Most dog training pads are disposable, meant to be used for one day, or several hours, and discarded. Our washable pee pads are reusable and designed to be placed in your washing machine after becoming soiled. The top-quality housebreaking pad can withstand moderate chewing from your pup. These eco-friendly alternatives are also ideal for those dog parents who want a cost-efficient solution, which can help you save a lot of money in comparison to disposable ones.
Anti-slip & Waterproof Bottom Dog Training Pads: For your dog to feel comfortable, the bottom of the potty mat for dogs' washable whelping pads has a non-slip coating that can keep it staying still and avoid it from moving on the tile, hardwood, carpet, linoleum, or other smooth surfaces, which keeps your pet stable and safe. A specially designed doggy mat that provides your pet with a soothing "safe space".

Different Doggy Pads Sizes Meet Different Needs: it can be used for dogs, cats, rabbits and other housetraining pets. Whether you’re housetraining your puppy, offering your adult or senior dog a familiar potty spot, or traveling with your pet, our pads can be used to protect floors, car seats, and sofas to help keep your home fresh.

Offer An All Day Dry: Do you have a senior dog with incontinence, a pet with anxiety, or a new puppy you are potty training? In that case, you may need high-quality and cheap waterproof dog pee pads. These washable wee pads can hold 10 times more liquid than average pads, and hold up to 30 accidents before they will require washing. help you encourages your pups to use these pet pads.

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Package Included:

  • 1 x Super Absorbent Dog Training Pads

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