Permanent™ Silver Mirror Marker, Molotow Chrome paint pen


revolutionary Chrome silver marker, gives you the power to create a mirror finish on almost any surface!

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Our markers are the ultimate mirror-making design tool! No matter what surface you want to glam up, our chrome markers will do the job. An affordable solution for restoring chrome look.

molotow chrome pen molotow liquid chrome marker chrome paint pen liquid chrome molotow liquid chrome pen

The Molotow Liquid Chrome Markers are a must-have for any artist’s arsenal. They are permanent, waterproof, and have a shiny mirror finish!

chrome mirror marker paint pens
Widely Usable For Any Surface! The perfect paint pen for creating a mirror-like finish on any surface. Great for glass, plastic, metal, wood and more. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, our Chrome Markers are easy-to-use and durable

 Chrome Paint Marker Pen

Our markers are designed in UK to be:

  • Highly pigmented specialized ink.
  • High-gloss liquid chrome that pops off of any surface.
  • Highly opaque for maximum shine. 
  • Designed with an innovative valve, the ink flows smoothly with no stops, leaks, or bleeding.
  • Solid UV resistance to hold up the brightness over time.
  • Scratch and abrasion-resistant so you can mirror up to any surface.
  • Certified Non-Toxic: the alcohol-based ink is certified non-toxic and suitable for artists of all levels.

Chrome Paint Marker Pen


✓ An affordable solution for restoring chrome look
✓ Available in 3 tip sizes for your needs
✓ Widely usable & Long last

Best for all these Occasions: Wedding & Engagement,Christening & Baptism,St Patrick's Day, Grand Event, Retirement, Gender Reveal, Birthday Party, House Moving, Children's Day, April Fool's Day, Back To School, party, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Wedding
Halloween, New Year, Graduation, Anniversary,  Mother's Day and Teachers' Day


Package included:

  • 1 x Permanent™ Silver Mirror Marker Pen


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