Multifunctional Ultra leather restoration cream

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Restore Your Leather Goods To Their initial Glory !!

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Multifunctional ultra leather cream is a revolutionary product that can help you restore the look of all your leather goods. It acts as a high quality protective layer, keeping your boots, shoes,  sofas, jackets and couches in good condition for years to come. Containing natural ingredients, it is completely safe for your skin and the environment.

cleaning car seats leather cleaner leather sofa cleaner leather conditioner

Mistreated or neglected leather can result in dryness, aging, and cracks.

This cream will not only remove scratch, dirt, grime, and stains from your leather but also will restore its original color by returning its outer layer back to its natural state.

Restoration Car Seats 


Restoration office Seats


Shoes, bags, and handbags and MORE 


  • Effectively prevents damage to the leather’s outer layer caused by sun exposure.
  • Increases durability and returning it to its original color.
  • Easily cleans dirt, scratches, stains, and grime.
  • Restores worn out leather surfaces and provides leather moisture.
  • Prevents oxidation & aging of leather.
  • It prolongs leather life by an added Barrier Protection Technology.
  • Safe for any leather surface and does not cause any damage.
  • Use on all leather types - Perfect for furniture, couches, handbags, boots, and more.

How To Use: 



  • 1 x Leather Restoration Cream 

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