Magnetic Safety Cabinet Locks

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child safety door locks, cabinet safety locks

Discreet, Practical & Hassle-Free! Every Parent’s Dream Is Finally Available!
Looking for an easy and convenient way to childproof your home now that your toddler has started to open every cabinet and climb into every drawer?

The magnetic Safety Cabinet Locks Set is the ideal way to keep cleaning liquids, cutlery and other harmful household objects out of reach and make sure that your little angel is safe and sound, even if you’re not in the same room all the time!

Stop struggling with impractical and messy childproofing systems and indulge yourself in the tool-free installation, invisible design and unparalleled durability of our elite baby magnetic door locks!

For All Cabinets, Drawers & Cupboards

The universal design of our safety baby locks makes them ideal for all types of kitchen, bathroom or garage cabinets, doors and drawers up to 1.4” thick! And the best part? Installing them will not damage your furniture at all!


No Drills, No Tools, No Hassle!
Install our ultimate magnetic child locks in minutes without any screws, holes or damage to your cabinet doors! Plus, our comprehensive instructions will make the tool and drill-free installation a breeze!

Happy Moms & Happier Babies
Our set of Magnetic Safety Cabinet Locks and magnetic master keys will surely become the talking point of your next baby shower party, thanks to its practical and thoughtful design!

Designed For Your Peace Of Mind!
Each lock has an "off/on" switch (disengage level) which is great in case you need to get in and put back a few things in a certain cabinet and don't want to have to keep getting the magnetic knob.

Easy Installation 

Recommended Age:

  • 0-3 Years
  • 0-4 Years
  • 0-5 Years
  • 0-8 Years
  • 0-10 Years

Prevent Electric Shock

  • Knobs, Handles & Doors Up To 5" Apart!
  • Prevent Accidental Fires
  • Child Proof Doors
  • Prevent finger Injuries
  • Prevents injuries from furniture


  • Fits firmly into all your outlets. Ultra-clear to blend into your home. Easy for adults to remove, very difficult for children.
  • U-Shaped lock fits knobs and handles up to 5" apart. Squeeze and slide to open the lock. Uses high-quality, strong plastic.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Set Magnetic Safety Cabinet Locks

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