Long Resistance Loop Band ( 200 x 3 Cm - 24, 32 and 49 Lb)

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From strength training to rehabilitation, from yoga to pilates, resistance bands are a must-have for any gym bag or home workout. Our resistance band back workout Light to heavy resistance bands provide around 24, 32 to 49 Lb of resistance and are offered in a light grey colorway. Pop the elastic band workout in your gym bag for warming up or high repetition ranges.


The Best Resistance Bands Set for Muscle Training at Home. Durable resistance hip bands allow you to posture strengthening, flexibility and recovery of muscle strain. Perfect for warm-ups, post-workout stretching and resistance training.

Our band program will help you get your perfect booty & legs fast. Easy to use, see results with just 10 min/day. Perfect for the gym, home & programs like 80 Day Obsession. Full Program included with best booty exercises to firm & tone your legs, thighs & butt.

THREE strength levels included (light 24lbs, medium 32lbs, heavy 49lbs). ALL other brands have a ''heavy'' band that is too small & an ''easy'' band that is too loose. We have no sizing issues- we vary the strength of each fabric to change the resistance, not the band size. Every band fits perfectly.

Our bands will NEVER roll, slide, or break. Tested with thousands of women of all sizes. Incredibly comfortable- use them with bare skin. Inner grip strips inside the bands keep them in place during every exercise.

Designed to help you build power and strength in the comfort of your own home, our resistance loop bands are made to last. They are ideal for both men and women - whether you're a beginner or an advanced athlete, you will find benefit in our high-quality and durable bands.

 Package Includes:

  • 1 x Long Resistance Loop Band

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