Chopper Cutter™ Multifunctional Table Slicer

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Multifunctional vegetable chopper & Cutter.

One Table Chopper, Cutter & slicer for Onion carrot cucumber tomato potato pepper fennel chili lettuce cabbage .... etc.



Slicing is the single most common activity in food preparation. With Multifunctional Table Slicer you'll be chopping like never before! The clever design of Clever Cutter™ nifty kitchen tool lets you chop like a pro

Chop meat, fruits and vegetables with the Chopper Cutter™ Table Slicer and save time and energy!. The ingenious design of this culinary tool has allowed us to take the first steps into the future. Multifunctional Table Slicer can whirl through any gourmet cooking task, effortlessly transforming vegetables or meat or fruits into slices.

Simple operation, sharp blade, uniform size, firm, and durable.

Chopper Cutter™ was designed in UK with efficiency and safety in mind, and gives you the option of slicing easily and safely right on your kitchen-island countertop. The unique, technology allows for safe and easy slicing without the risk. And because this slicer and knife is multifunctional, it effectively acts as a functional tool as well use it as a chopping, cutting, and Slicing board.

Multifunctional slicer, suitable for cutting donkey-hide gelatin, rice cakes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, radishes, etc.

This multifunctional vegetable chopper takes up very little space in your kitchen. Leave the cutter in one spot when in use, or take it with you when you've got to use away somewhere else, It's the ideal solution for every kitchen.

Chopper Clever Cutter  is characterized by its small size

The blade is made of alloy steel, the base is made of environmentally friendly engineering plastics, the white tool pad is made of environmentally friendly food-grade plastic, and standard screws and nuts.

Chopper Cutter™ is The seventh-generation slicer can perfectly solve all the defects caused by the surface treatment of the iron knife holder.

Do you still worry about injuries when your children are playing in the kitchen? The Chopper Cutter™ can help you out!  so it is safe, durable and easy to clean.

Package Included:  

  • 01 x Chopper Cutter™ Multifunctional Table Slicer

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