6 Inch Mini Chainsaw, Small Cordless Chain Saw

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Compare with other Cordless Chain Saw, Our Mini Chainsaw is the proper size (6 inches) and also easy for you to hold and use it. This Powerful Small handheld Chainsaw is made of fine material, which is practical and easy to operate, has a wide application, and has a long service life, so you do not need to change them often. This Electric rechargeable mini chainsaw is perfect for pruning, splitting, firewood, cutting wood, and so on, come on and try it, it will not let you down.


This is the ultimate mini electric chainsaw due to its ergonomic, high performance, and durable design.

cordless chain saw mini chainsaw small chainsawWith its compact and lightweight 1092g / 2.4lb construction, the saw gives you better control, access, and maneuverability in hard-to-reach areas, such as when landscaping.
cordless chain saw, mini chainsaw, small chainsaw
Under the hood is a PowerState brushless motor that delivers enough power to cut through hardwood. RedLink Plus intelligence keeps the motor and battery in communication to give you unmatched performance and productivity.
cordless chain saw, mini chainsaw, small chainsaw
As a result, the tool cuts 3-inch hardwoods up to 120 times on a full charge.

cordless chain saw, mini chainsaw, small chainsaw
In addition to that, the saw features a variable speed trigger with instant throttle response for better control and cutting performance.


  1. Compact and lightweight
  2. Powerful and efficient brushless motor
  3. RedLink Plus intelligence
  4. Variable speed trigger with instant throttle response

Compare with other types of chainsaws, this chainsaw is the proper size and also light, so you can hold and use it more easily, which can be used for more people.
Ergonomic handle design, one hand use, long time griping will not tired hands.
Cordless design, lightweight and portable, easy to carry out, and saw the wood.
The saw chain has been deep quenching by high temperature, with sharping sawteeth, more wear-resistant, smooth cutting.
With high working efficiency, high positioning accuracy, low noise, which can give you a better user experience.
With quickly cutting speed, which is practical and low power consumption, high stability, and high performance.


  • Material: ABS+metal
  • Main color: green
  • Powered by: 2 * lithium battery, 21V, 1200mAh (included)
  • Host size after assembly: 370 * 110 * 100mm / 14.6 * 4.3 * 3.9in
  • Guide plate size: 185 * 34 * 3mm / 7.3 * 1.3 * 0.1in
  • Item weight: 1092g / 2.4lb
  • Package size: 300 * 120 * 110mm / 11.8 * 4.7 * 4.3in
  • Package weight: 1584g / 3.5lb

Package Included:

  • 1 x Chainsaw 
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x Sleeve
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x 21V Battery  (Or 02 for sets with two batteries )
  • 1 x Extra chain with the guide for full pack 

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