Electric Heated Gillet / Jackets

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Want to know the best way to keep warm this winter? Our Heated JacketHeated Gillet is the most versatile and innovative Heated Body Warmers on the market today. With a Polar Fleece Material design and USB cord.

heated gilet,heated jacket,heated vest,heated coat

The Heated Gillet for Women and Men is the easiest, most comfortable way to keep you warm without the hassle of wearing layers of bulky clothes.

The Heated Jacket is great for keeping you warm at home, traveling, and working outdoors like gardening, hunting, fishing, and more.

Our Electric Heated Jacket and Gilet are Compatible with all 2A USB output power banks. This polished Warning Jacket is capable of retaining warmth for up to 7 hours at the Low Level, 5 hours at the Medium Level, and 3 hours at the High Level.

heated gilet,heated jacket,heated vest,heated coat
High-Performance carbon fiber heating: With 6 high-performance and superior nonmetal carbon fiber heating elements, the Heating Gilet / Vest / Jacket has the characteristics of low energy consumption, fast heating, and lightweight. In addition, these heating elements heat the Heated Body Warmers up to the desired temperature in a short time and offer a longer endurance time in cumbersome wearing. 6 heating elements make the temperature more even and warm.

heated gilet,heated jacket,heated vest,heated coat

This keep-warming Heated Jacket uses innovative far-infrared heating technology, which is compatible with easy heating together with most phone power banks, so get this heated vest so you don't fear the cold in winter.

Instructions for use:

  1. Open the pocket and connect the USB port to the power bank (5V/2A is recommended)
  2. Press and hold the switch for 3 seconds, the switch will display red, start the heating system
  3. Press the switch again, the indicator light changes color, and the temperature position is switched.
  4. Red high-temperature gear (45-55 degrees Celsius)
  5. White medium temperature gear (35-45 degrees Celsius)
  6. Blue low-temperature gear (25-35 degrees Celsius)
  7. Press and hold the power switch for 3 seconds to turn off the heating system
  8. Be sure to remove the power bank when washing, 

Bullet Points:

  • Heated Jacket and Heated Gilet for men
  • Heated Jacket & Heated Gilet for women
  • USB Heated: This product can be USB heated; three-speed temperature control.
  • Double-sided Wearable: Internal fleece for warmth; three pieces of graphene heating sheet.
  • Warm: The high temperature can reach 45-55 degrees Celsius, the medium temperature can reach 35-45 degrees Celsius, and the low temperature can reach 25-35 degrees Celsius.

Heated Gillet

Size Guide: 

Note: Since it's a winter jacket it's very recommended to one size up.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Heated Vest or Jacket
  • NO Power Bank - Need to buy separately.
    • Why? (Batteries shipping regulations take longer. For fast shipping, we do not send the jacket with the power bank. Our Jacket is compatible with all USB power banks)


Stay Safe and Healthy in Winter !

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